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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kodu - Video Game Design

Okay, for all you aspiring game designers out there - young and old - here is a great tool for you to begin with!  Kodu is developed by Microsoft and is a free download.  The site also gives excellent video tutorials on how to begin using this application.  The interface is a bit simplistic but at first glance this appears to be a pretty robust game development application!  But it's easy enough for young people to use too!  This would be a great way to introduce topics on almost any subject while infusing that element of fun into the learning experience.  Also, have the students create their own "worlds" in Kodu and have contests to see who can incorporate the most points from a lesson - really the options are endless!  Looks like another mark for combining fun, technology, teaching and learning in one free application.  Way to go Microsoft!

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