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Sunday, April 3, 2011

COFA Online Teaching Gateway

For anyone interested in learning almost anything about teaching online, this site is a comprehensive landing spot! This site is very well organized and provides rich, professional content about the various aspects of online teaching.  Visitors to this site are provided with free and reusable video content as well as professionally-done, supplemental PDF files. Also, these supplements contain several additional sources of information will add to your library of online teaching tools.

The areas this site covers includes Content, Planning and Teaching, Case Studies and a Technical Glossary.  Under the Content, Planning and Teaching area you will find videos and materials on topics such as Planning Your Online Class, Engaging and Motivating Students, Managing Your Time When Teaching Online and much more!  The Case Studies area highlights topics such as using blogs, wikis, Twitter, podcasts, eBooks and audio in online learning. Again, these individual videos come with supplemental PDF files for furthering discussions with your colleagues.

This is an excellent resource provided to us by the Australian Teaching and Learning Council under the Creative Commons license.