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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Try Live Binders!

This is one of the best web-based tools I have found yet!  If you're into collecting information on a variety of topics then this tool is for you.  You can create virtual "binders" that can be on one single topic or many different topic areas.  Binders can be divided up by using tabs. These tabs serve as sub-topics for your information.  When you're surfing on the Internet you can automatically add an interesting site to any of your binders and keep track of all the cool information you find all in one convenient place!

This is a great tool for sharing collections of information you find on the Internet.  If you want to collect sites on a certain topic you are teaching then you can also embed your binder into a webpage or in your LMS course page for students to access.  You can really build an entire course resource area using a live binder by making new tabs for each module or subject you teach throughout the entire course!  Give Live Binders a try and see how many ways you can find to use this awesome tool!

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